Demac Media Optimal Payments Extension - Documentation and FAQs

Demac Media Optimal Payments Extension - Documentation

For the module documentation, please download the PDF attached to this post!

Demac Media Optimal Payments Extension - FAQs

Q: Merchant cannot initiate a credit from Magento as the "Refund Offline" option is on.

A: Actually the problem the customer is experiencing is within the Magento and not something that we need to patch. I'll try to clarify the issue as much as I can:

When generating a credit memo, there are actually 2 places where this can be done

1) From the order view: 



when this happens Magento will (incorrectly) assume that there is more than invoice and it will not grab the invoice and the specific payment information that associated with it causing the checks for the transaction_id fail and only show the refund offline option:



2) However if the creditmemo is started from inside the view invoice page:



then Magento will correctly associate the right invoice and payment with the credit memo showing the correct options:



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