Demac Media Advanced Attribute Sort Extension - Walk through

Demac Media Advanced Attribute Sort Extension - Walk through

The use of product attributes in Magento is important as they allow for your customers to obtain product information, filter your inventory for what they are looking for, and contribute to the content found in your website searches.

Clients sort the options within their attributes (known as attribute options) in a number of ways, but some popular examples are listed below for reference:

  • Clothing Sizes - Often sorted numerically from smallest to largest
  • Brand Names - Often sorted alphabetically
  • Color Options - Often sorted identical to the color spectrum

Magento uses a traditional numerical sort order system to sort the attribute options within an attribute. In using the traditional numerical sort order you may be faced with a very large task of manually sorting, and assigning sort order values to, thousands of attribute options in the back-end.

For example, many sites have an attribute titled Brand. Within this attribute you will want to list all of the brands that you carry, which, depending on your store, could number into the thousands. The specific brand names within the broader Brand attribute are known as attribute options.

With traditional sort order functionality in Magento you will have to assign numerical values to each attribute option. Magento will then sort those attribute options on your website according to the numbers that you have assigned to them (lowest to highest):


In this case the client has assigned numerical position values to sort the attribute options alphabetically. The problem with this method is that it requires heavy up-front system configuration, and needs to be reevaluated every time an attribute option is added, removed, or even edited.

Advanced Attribute Sort: Getting to Know the Extension

Realizing that assigning sort order values is time consuming, and simply not the best way to organize your attribute options, Demac Media has created the Advanced Attribute Sort Extension. This extension allows you to sort your attribute options in one of the following ways:

1)    Alphabetically

2)    Numerically

3)    Manually – click and drag


As you can see the options above have changed to allow you to organize your attribute options alphabetically and/or numerically with just one click of the mouse. And the Apply Positions button allows for you to drag and drop your attribute options for advanced sorting.

Start the simple sorting of your attribute options today. Contact Demac Media to learn more about the Advanced Attribute Sort extension.


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