Manually Managing Special Prices in Magento

Manually Managing Special Prices in Magento:


You can easily manage special prices within Magento on a per-product basis. With this function you can:

1)    Create a special price for a product

2)    Set a from-date for special price to automatically take effect

3)    Set a to-date for product to automatically revert to original price

Setting special prices in Magento is a simple task, and will save you the hassle of manually managing the start and end dates of special prices on a variety of products within your store. This document will show you how to add a special price to a product, and how to create start (to) and end (from) dates to automatically publish and un-publish your special prices. 

              Regular Price:                                                        Special Price:   

Screen_Shot_2013-07-19_at_11.18.27_AM.png                    Screen_Shot_2013-07-19_at_11.18.36_AM.png 


In this article we will be creating a sale price for our item above, the Bikini Top. This item is regularly priced at $10.99, but it has recently been decided by management that it will have the special price of $4.99 for the remainder of July 2013. 


1)    To manage special prices in Magento simply navigate to your product management page through the path CATALOG/MANAGE PRODUCTS:


2)    In this product view you can see all of your products currently loaded in Magento. You can filter this list to find what you need, and can access the pricing information of a product simply by selecting the product from the list:


3)    The General tab is selected by default, so click on the Prices icon on the left-side of the page to access the pricing information:


4)    Here you will see all of the pricing information for a product. To manually create a special price we are going to focus on the following section of the pricing page:   


5)    In this scenario we are hoping to put the Bikini Top on special for $4.99 for the remainder of July, 2013, so we will first add the special price of $4.99 to the Special Price field:


6)    Then we will simply assign a from date and to date to this special price. NOTE: The special price will take effect at 12:01AM on the from date, and will revert back to the original price at 11:59PM on the to date.


7)    And that is it! Click Save and your sale price will be updated next time your cache refreshes/dumps!


- Jim Cover

Customer Success Manager at Demac Media


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