Syncing Google Analytics with your Magento Site

Syncing Google Analytics with your Magento Site


First launched in 2005, Google Analytics is a free web service aimed at tracking the traffic on your website. This service allows marketers and business owners to measure traffic and analyze consumer behaviour to increase conversion rates and sales on their website(s).

Syncing your Magento website with your existing Google Analytics account involves two simple steps:

1) Adding your Google Analytics account number to Magento

2) Updating the Ecommerce setting in your Google Analytics Admin Dashboard

This article will show you how to complete the 2 steps above, so let’s get started.

Adding Google Analytics Account Number to Magento:

1)    Start by navigating to the Configuration page through SYSTEM/CONFIGURATION:


2)    From the option on the left-hand side of the page, scroll down and select Google API: 


3)    Under the heading of Google Analytics simply select YES in the drop-down menu, input your Google Analytics account number into the Account Number field, and click Save Config to enable Google Analytics 


Updating Settings in Google Analytics:

In order to complete the syncing of your Magento site to Google Analytics, you will have to enable E-Commerce settings from your Google Analytics account. The following steps will show you how to access your profile settings to make this change.

1)    First, login to Google Analytics to select your website from the admin panel:


2)    Then select Profile Settings:


3)    Scroll down to the E-Commerce Settings. From here all that you have to do is select “Yes, an Ecommerce Site” from the Ecommerce tracking drop-down menu:


4)    You have now successfully synced your Magento E-Commerce site with Google Analytics!

PLEASE NOTE: It will take up to 15-30 minutes for your website traffic to start logging in Google Analytics.

Enabling Site Search (Optional):

Directly below the E-Commerce Settings in your Google Analytics Admin dashboard you will see a section for Site Search Settings. This section specifies whether or not you want Google to track the search queries made in your websites search bar.


 To enable Google to track your site search, simply select “Do track Site Search” under the Site search Tracking filed in the screen shot below:


PLEASE NOTE: The default value for the Query parameter is always “q”. Also be sure to select the check box beside Strip query parameters out of URL.



- Jim Cover

Customer Success Manager at Demac Media


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