Automated Email Reminder Rules in Magento

Auto Generated Emails - Shopping Cart Abandonment


            Magento comes equipped with the ability to created auto generated email remainder rules for a variety of functions. Auto-generated email reminders are emails that are automatically sent to a visitor, or past visitor, of your site based on a rule defined in the Magneto backend. The most common type of auto-generated email reminders are for shopping cart abandonment, but you can create a rule for nearly any action that you can think of.

            In this article we will take a look at how to create a Shopping Cart Abandonment rule in order to trigger an automated email to visitors of a website who have abandoned their shopping cart. We will be targeting people who have had their shopping cart abandoned for 14 days or more, with $500 in their shopping cart and/or 5 or more items in their cart. 

Let’s get started:


1)    Start by navigating to the Automated Email Reminder Rules section in Magento via the path PROMOTIONS – AUTOMATED EMAIL REMINDER RULES:


2)    Click Add New Rule at the top-right side of the page:


3)    In the Rule Information section you will want to name the rule, fill in a description, assign it to one or multiple websites, set to active or inactive, select a from and to date, and select how often the email will repeat in numbers of days:


4)    In the Conditions section you can set the conditions for your rule. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you can create a simple rule or a complex rule depending on your desired end result:


5)    Next click on the the Emails and Labels section. In the Email Templates section, you can choose which automated email is sent to the customer for each store view. Each list will contain the recommended Magento template email, and will also show any custom transactional emails which you have created:


6)    Scroll down to the below sections if you wish to define a default title and description for all store views, or define a unique title and description for each store view:


7)    Once you are satisfied with your rule, visit the Matched Customers tab to see how many and which customers satisfy your new rule:


SPECIAL NOTE: If your new rule does not yield any customers in the Matched Customers section there is likely a discrepancy in your conditions. Revisit your conditions and make sure that you are not creating too specific a segment. 


Written by: Jim Cover

Customer Success Manager at Demac Media




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