Linking a CMS Page to your Website Footer

Linking a CMS Page to your Websites Footer


To link a CMS page to your websites footer, you will first have to retrieve the URL Key for that CMS Page. This URL Key is the file path for your CMS page, and you will simply add it to the end of your domain to create the specific URL for that page.

You will then access the footer in the Magento backend to add a bullet point to it, and then will simply link your CMS page to the new bullet in our websites footer.

Let’s get started.


1)    Access your CMS pages via the path CMS – PAGES – MANAGE CONTENT:


2)    Select the CMS page that you will be adding to your footer, and retrieve the URL Key:


3)    This URL Key is added on to the end of your domain to create the URL for the CMS page in question. In this case the direct URL to the Meet Our Team CMS Page is


4)    Next access your website footer via the path CMS – STATIC BLOCKS – FOOTER LINKS:


5)    From here you can use the WYSIWYG editor to add a bullet point to the footer links, and then highlight the text and click the link icon to link to another page:


6)    We will take our URL from step 2 and paste it into the Link URL field, select a target, and assign a user friendly title for the page:


7)    Once that is complete, click Save Block and your changes will be reflected in your websites footer:


PLEASE NOTE: It may take a few minutes for your footer to update and reflect the changes. 


- Jim Cover

Customer Success Manager at Demac Media


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