Demac Media AffiliateTraction Extension Suite - Documentation and FAQs

Demac Media AffiliateTraction Extension Suite - Documentation

For the module documentation, please download the PDF attached to this post!

Demac Media AffiliateTraction Extension Suite - FAQs

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Q: Where do I find my ID for the pixel installation?

A: The ID for pixel instillation and configuration can be retrieved from your AffiliateTraction account representative or your dashboard.

Q: Can I run multiple stores through one extension?

A: Yes, this extension will be configurable by Website Scope in Magento and individual product feeds can be generated using Magento's rule engine.

Q: Why is my feed not uploading daily?

A: There is the potential that the feed is not enabled which will cause the feed not to generate or the crons on the global Magento install are disabled.

Q: Is there any additional support documentation for installation?

A: Please see the document attached to this post for information on installation and configuration.

Q: Who do I contact with issues with the module?

A: If there are specific Magento issues please email For questions surrounding configuration and connection to AffiliateTraction please reach out to your AffiliateTraction account representative.

Q: What is the "Attribute Mapping" for the product catalog, and how do I use them?

A: Attribute mapping is the process of matching up the specific Magento attributes to the 'standard' attributes that are required as part of the taxonomy of the feed. Please see the documentation attached to this post on information on how to set these up!


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