Visual Product Sequencer: Getting to know the Extension

Visual Product Sequencer


Magento uses a traditional numerical sort order system to sort the products within a category. In using the traditional numerical sort order you may be faced with a very large task of manually sorting, and assigning sort order values to, thousands of products in the back-end.

Numerical Sort Order is the process of assigning a number value to each product within a category in order to have Magento sort those products on your product page(s) from the lowest number to the highest number. The Position column is highlighted in the screen shot below to show the traditional sort order method:

Traditional Numerical Sort Order System:


Visual Product Sequencer:

For that reason, Demac Media has created the Visual Product Sequencer, which allows you to click, and drag images of your products to better organize the products on your page. Simply click on the Visual Sequencer button from the Manage Categories page, and start sequencing by dragging and dropping your products into the desired positions:


The intuitive sorting of images simple bumps all other products to the next position on the page as you drag and drop your products:


You can also use the quick search feature to find a product within the category, then simply click and drag it into the pages as you see fit:


And in the event that you prefer to sort your products by SKU, Price, or alphabetically by name, you can simply select one of those options from the drop-down menu:


Start organizing your products with ease and confidence today. Contact to learn more about the Advanced Attribute Sort extension.


- Jim Cover

Customer Success Manager at Demac Media


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