Editing your Hosts Files in Windows 7

Editing your Hosts Files on Windows 7

To access your websites staging environment from your personal computer you will have to edit the hosts files on your computer. You can do this by first accessing your computer's hosts file, then by adding the entry provided by Demac Media to allow your computer to access the staging environment.

Follow the steps below to successfully access and edit your computer's hosts file:

1)    First, start by accessing the hosts file. Do this by going to the Start Menu and then click on Computer:


2)    Then, access your Local Disk (C:) Drive. If the C Drive is not your main drive, simply use the main drive that you work from:


3)    You will then select the WIndows folder:


4)    Then select the folder titled System32:


5)    Then select the drivers folder


6)    Then select the etc folder:


7)    You will now see the file name Hosts which is your hosts file. Double click this file to open it, and select the program that you wish to view it in. We recommend that you open this in Notepad, Wordpad, or another program which will allow you to edit the text:



5) Now simply paste your Demac provided staging code(s) into your hosts file like so, and click Enter:


You now have access to your websites staging environment on your Windows 7 Computer.


Special Note:For computers that do not have the proper Administrative Permissions, simply follow the next 3 steps.

1)    Click on the search bar and locate your Notepad program

2)    Right-click on the icon, and then select Run as Administrator


3)    You can now repeat steps 4 and 5 successfully.


Written by: Jim Cover

Customer Success Manager at Demac Media




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