Creating Customer Segments and Targeting Promotional Banners in Magento

Creating Customer Segments and Targeting Promotional Banners

In Magento you can easily define which customer segments will be exposed to variety of promotional banners for your website. This document will show you how to: 

          1)    Create a customer segment in the backend

          2)    Target particular customer segments with promotional banners 

In this article we will be looking at creating a new customer segment called Big Spenders and applying a 15% off All Evening Dresses promotional banner to that customer segment.

Let’s get started:

Creating a Customer Segment:

1)    To create a customer segment in Magento navigate to the customer segment section via the path CUSTOMER – CUSTOMER SEGMENTS:


2)    Here you will see all of the existing customer segments in your backend. Click on Add Segment at the top-right of the page to create a new customer segment:


3)    Here you can define the segment name, a description, which websites the segment is assigned to, set it to active or inactive and apply it to visitors or registered customers or a combination of both:


Click on Save and Continue Edit to move on to the next steps:

4)    Here is where you can set the conditions to define your customer segment. Magento offers a wide variety of condition variables to allow you to create nearly any customer segment that you can dream up. Here the Big Spenders will be defined as anyone who has purchased $500 or more in the past 6 months:


5)    You can click on Refresh Segment Data in order to see how many of your current customers satisfy the conditions that you just set:


6)    Once you are satisfied with your segment, click Save and you will see your new segment added to your Customer Segment list:


Congratulations, you have successfully created a new customer segment. It is important to note that you are able to create as many customer segments as you wish, and are able to edit particular variables of existing customer segments as often as you like.


Applying a Banner to a Specific Customer Segment:

Now that you have defined your Big Spenders customer segment, we want to ensure that they are shown the 15% off All Evening Dresses banner when they visit the website. To do this we will access the banners in Magento, and will specify which customer segments will be exposed to it:

1)    Start by accessing the banners in Magento via the path CMS – BANNERS:


2)    Select the banner that you want to specify customer segments for:


3)    Under Banner Properties set the Customer Segments field to Specified, and select which customer segment(s) you want to apply that banner to. You can select one segment, or hold Ctrl (Command for Mac users) to select multiple segments:


4)    You can also select any related shopping cart or catalog price rules that will apply in tandem with this banner in the Related Promotions section:


5) Click Save, and you have successfully targeted your new Big Spenders customer segment with the 15% off All Evening Dresses promotional banner. Now when a customer who satisfies that customer segment visits your website they will see that banner.


Written by: Jim Cover

Customer Success Manager at Demac Media









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