Enabling and Processing RMA’s in Magento

Enabling and Processing RMA’s in Magento


Enabling RMA’s in your Magento site is a simple way of funneling all RMA requests into Magento for efficient review and processing for any and all departments involved. 

The workflow of this document will include:

1) How to enable RMA's in the Magento backend

2) User experience for requesting a product return from your website My Account page

3) How to process RMA's in Magento

Enabling RMA in Magento Back-end:

1)    To enable RMA in the Magento back-end, simply navigate through SYSTEM/CONFIGURATION. Scroll down to the Sales tab, and click on Sales.


2)    From here you will see the RMA Settings row at the bottom of the row options. Expand this, and select YES for all fields:


Customer Experience: Requesting a return through My Account page

When someone creates an account on your website to complete an order, become a member of your mailing list, or for a variety of other reasons, they will have the additional benefit of being able to return items purchased online.


To return an item that was purchased online, a customer must login to their account on your website. From there they can access their previous orders from the My Orders section, and select the order from which they wish to return an item or multiple items purchased:


From the order information page, customers now have the ability to select Return as indicated in the screenshot below:


When a customer is processing a return, they will be required to fill out the following form. This allows the customer to indicate a reason for the return, propose a solution, and provide your company/CS Department with feedback from the comments box:


Once this is complete your customer can manage their returns from the My Returns section of their account dashboard:


Processing an RMA in Magento

Once the customer submits their RMA, it will be logged in Magento for further review and processing. To access RMA’s within Magento, simply navigate through SALES/RMA/MANAGE RMA:


Here you will be given a list of all pending and previously authorized/denied RMA’s:


You will first be brought to the General Information page for the RMA that you selected, and to process the RMA simply click on the RMA Items field located on the left side of the page:


From here you can indicate the quantity authorized for the return, select a resolution, and update the status to either pending, authorized, or denied:


Once you are finished, simply click on Save or Save and Continue Edit if you have more work to do in the RMA.

You are also able to access any RMA’s associated with an order directly from the Order View in Magento.



Written by: Jim Cover

Customer Success Manager at Demac Media


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