Demac Media Purolator Shopify App - Documentation and FAQ's

Demac Media Purolator Shopify App - Documentation

For the module documentation, please download the PDF attached to this post!

Demac Media Purolator Shopify App - FAQ'S

Q: How do I install the app? 

  • A: To install the Shopify App head to the Shopify App store here: or go directly to the App listing here:

Q: How do I get my Purolator services activated?

  1. Open a Purolator Business Account You must have a Purolator Business Account in order to generate an Activation Key. You can apply for one by visiting
  2. If you already have one, Visit and click “Register Now” on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. On the registration form, select the 3rd option under “Web services profile”. Complete the form and click “Submit Registration”
  4. Activate your registration:
  5. Complete your registration:
  6. Complete the Activation Key form - Enter your email and password once again to access the E-Ship Resource Centre. Then complete the Activation Key form to get your key.
  7. Retrieve your Activation Key - You will get your Activation Key once you submit your form. You will also receive an email with your Activation Key details.
  8. Enable your Purolator extension - You will need to enter your Activation Key to enable your Purolator extension. Visit Shopify’s help resources for help setting up your Purolator Shipping App.

Q: What is the maximum weight Purolator ships up to?
  • A: For online services the maximum weight is 100lbs
Q: Why am I getting no rates on the checkout?
  • A: The total weight of products in the cart could be over 100lbs
Q: How do cross border shipments and duty work?
Q: How do I disable the app?
  • A: Login to the backend of your Shopify store and in the left navigation second from the bottom you'll see a tab call Apps. Hover over the Purolator app, click the more icon, and select remove as seen below:
Q: Can we add handling fees on the rates?
  • A: No the rates are based on the total weight calculated and cannot be modified
Q: Does you app support label printing?
  • A: Yes, You are able to create shipping labels with our App. Click on the Shipping menu navigation, ensure you're on the Outstanding tab and click General Label as seen below:


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